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Mountain Driftwood
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Street Address: 1133-6th Ave
Valemount, British Columbia

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Phone: 250-566-4213


Mailing Address: PO Box 115
Valemount, British Columbia
Canada V0E 2Z0

Views from Mountain Driftwood Gallery & Lodging

To East, McKirdy Mountain

To South, Canoe Mountain

To West, West Ridge Mountains

To North, Swift Mountain

Other Local Sites of Interest

Entry to Valemount in the Winter

Your Hosts on a Summer Afternoon Ride
Just Kidding!

Cranberry Marsh
and the Starratt Wildlife Sanctuary

Cranberry Marsh
and Canoe Mountain

The Meadows with
Mt McKirdy

An Autumn Walk in Town

Rearguard Falls Provincial Park

Mt Robson Provincial Park

Kinney Lake on Berg Lake Trail, Mt Robson

Local Interest Notes

Think Valemount is just a small village far from anywhere. Think again! Yes, we have lots of wild areas...and we love it. The area offers outdoor recreational opportunities to meet almost every need. We have listed but a few below, but for more complete information on what to do in Valemount, visit the Valemount Tourism Site. We have given you some of our favorites below, but it is just a taste of Valemount and surrounding areas.

Cranberry Marsh Trail Around the Starratt Wildlife Sanctuary
The hiking trail located on the southern edge of town is a scenic 7-km walk on flat terrain through conserved wetlands. The trail contains two observation towers, with scenery that varies from wide-open vistas on the dike to secluded pathways through black spruce and aspen. The marsh is home to the Starratt Wildlife Sanctuary, an important stop for waterfowl on their migration routes. Many species of wildlife can be seen throughout the year. The trail around the marsh can take from 1.5 - 3 hours. Bicycles allowed. Dogs on leash.

Local Valemount Walks and Trails
Valemount's streets afford a variety of walks in all seasons that show the beauty of the surrounding terrain. Several trails in addition to the Marsh Trail are marked in, around and just outside the village. Trail maps are available at the Information Centre. Many trails are also accessible by bicycle and several local outfitters offer horseback riding opportunities.

Local Valemount Winter Recreation
Valemount is a hub of winter recreation to cover almost all needs. Snowmobiling in the surrounding mountains makes the village a prime destination for winter fun. If motorized sport is not your interest, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing spots abound around the village and not far out of town. Conditions permitting, groomed cross-country ski trails can be found at Jackman Flats and Camp Creek, and often through the marsh. If you don't want to supply the energy to enjoy the snow, consider one of the local outfitters for a thrilling dogsled ride.

Local Valemount Lakes and Rivers
Valemount, the home region of both the Columbia and Fraser rivers also offers recreation spots for water sports including boating and fishing. Lakes such as Moose Lake near Mount Robson and Kinbasket Lake southeast of the village offer large bodies of water for boating and fishing, while some hidden lakes, such as Little Lost Lake, offer fishing spots harder to access. For the adventurous, take a whitewater rafting journey with out local rafting guides.

Mt Robson Provincial Park
Mount Robson Provincial Park is the second oldest park in British Columbia's park system. The highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 3,954 meters, Mount Robson towers over the surrounding peaks. The park is located east of Valemount on Highway 16, about a 20-30 minute drive from Valemount. No entrance fee is charged for entry to the park. The park contains spectacular mountains and waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and rivers too numerous to mention here.

Kinney Lake on the Berg Lake Trail
From the Berg Lake Trail parking lot at Mt Robson Provincial Park, this part of the trail winds through old-growth cedar/hemlock forest along the Robson River to Kinney Lake. This 4.5 km (one way) hike (2.5 hours, return) offers incredible scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. Bicycles allowed. Dogs on leash.

Rearguard Falls Provincial Park Trail
Located off Highway 16 near Mt Robson Provincial Park, the Rearguard Falls Provincial Park trail is a short (10-15 minute) walk from the parking area to the falls. The trail is well maintained but steep in sections as it descends down to the river.

Mount Terry Fox Provincial Park Viewpoint
Mount Terry Fox Provincial Park is a day-use only park with limited facilities. There is no road access. A Highway 16 viewpoint 7 km west of Mt. Robson west gate provides a view of the mountain. There is a trail that will take you to Mount Terry Fox. It is rough and steep in sections.

Some Local Activities of Interest

Kayaking on the Marsh

Dog Sled Rides

You Never Know What You'll See in Valemount

A Double Rainbow

The Aurora Borealis

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